Look for a good cachaça

  • A good cachaça starts in its package. A quality package diminishes the risk of falsification, deterioration of the product, and contamination. On the label, there must be the origin and the register in the Agriculture Ministry.

  • The cachaça must be transparent and pure. Never dim. If the cachaça is olden, the colour must never be more than yellowish or light gold.

  • It should be served in glasses of smooth and transparent walls. Turning and spinning the glass, taking the cachaça till the glass lips, one should see an oily skin on the internal walls in which, left in repose, forms brilliant tears.

  • The quality cachaças have pleasant aroma, that involves the alcoholic, acid, sweet, and fruit aspects. In an equilibrate way, they are mixed up, without the detachment of none of them. The taster must observe the intensity, the quality, the finesse, and the dominant characters of the aromas.

  • The alcoholic aroma should not be accentuated, in order to permit the perception of the other aromas. The ardour verified in the inhalation should not be so strong that irritate the nasal area or the eyes. When mop on the hands (in the same way one tries a perfume), it leaves a pleasant aroma.

  • Palate. One should put a sip of cachaça inside the mouth and make with it movements to fell it on the tongue and on the cheek. The sweet taste is identified on the top of the tongue. On both sides, the acid sensation, and next to the throat, the bitterness. On the central parts, the sensations of warm and freshness.

  • Un embalaje con calidad disminuye el riesgo de la falsificación, deterioración del producto y contaminación. En la etiqueta debe consistir el origen y el registro en el ministerio de la agricultura.

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