History of the cachaça in Braszil

The sugar cane is a typical Asia plant, brought to Brazil by the Portuguese people. Our tropical climate helped their adaptation and its cultivation. The plant has thick stems full of sweet juice and it is used to obtain sugar, alcohol and cachaça.

Its cultivation began in coastline, where indigenous and African mixed techniques for the configuration of the methods of cultivation .The history says that cachaça emerged in Brazil Cologne, with the slaves drinking the broth of fermented cane.

The owners of the land which already knew the techniques of distilled fermented, soon began to produce it and emerged a genuine national drink. Of this mixing of cultures born cachaça’s recipe.

In the XVII, cachaça became popular by the browsers in the São Fancisco river, arriving in Minas Gerais where they found good land for the planting. After that cachaça became popular in all the country

The energy and stimulant properties were quickly perceived, along with the pleasure provided by its taste, was served to celebrate, open the appetite, bring hot for the cold and even to reduce the inhibition and surprised the sadness.

Cachaça has a humble origin, for sure. But it is a noble beverage. We had better celebrate, drink, and love it.


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